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I have tactile telecuntnesis.
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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

This journal is now friends-locked. Not necessarily for any concrete *reason,* I'm just paranoid. *shrug*

But I friend back pretty much anyone who friends me, so just leave a comment here if you wish to be added to Ye Olde Flist.

Edit: I should clarify that there's no need whatsoever to ask if you can friend me. I don't mind at all, and I don't bite, I promise. :)

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

I should whine about how bored I am more often. Because almost immediately after I posted that last entry, the gold medal soccer game between USA women and Brazil women came on. Cut for spoilersCollapse )

*happy sigh* I'm going to run off and squee now.

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

My Yount Justice torrent (fucking FINALLY) is done at last! Success! Now I can read YJ all night instead of sleep!

Gratuitous Pretty Post: I was looking through uncannyxmen.net's previews for Marvel's october schtuff, and holy *crap.* I don't care if you're a Gambit/Rogue type or not; these covers are just plain *gorgeous,* especially the first one.

(Warning: these are covers of upcoming comics, so could be considered spoilery for some people.)
First, we have Rogue #5...Collapse )

Next, Ultimate X-men 53 (or so-not sure of the exact number.)Collapse )

This has been your completely shallow fangirl post of the day, thanks, come again...

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

Me / my iPod = OTP, baby. OurloveissoPURE!

Saw Without a Paddle last night. I'm so in love that movie.

No, it really wasn't that funny (pretty much all the best jokes can be found by watching the trailer to be honest). Yes, it had a corny ending, and yes, the part where they were canoing was *laughably* awful (you CANNOT SURF in a friggin' *canoe* down whitewater rapids with big fucking *rocks* in the river).

But. Oh my GOD, Matthew Lillard and Seth Green and another hot guy whose name I forget. Being slashy as all *hell.* We're talking a couple lines of dialogue away from an NC-17 slash fic, here. slightly spoileryCollapse )

Comeecs! Aaaall the DC stuff I've read in the last few weeks:

Outsiders #14Collapse )

Doctor Spectrum #1Collapse )

Birds of Prey #72Collapse )

Nightwing #96Collapse )

Ex Machina #3Collapse )

Supreme Power #12Collapse )

Teen Titans #14Collapse )

Also. Is it shallow that I really, really want to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow *solely* for Angelina Jolie in leather and an eyepatch?

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

So, yeah. Went to the comic book shop yesterday, and of course brought home an assload of comics. But see, I *also* have to review the comics I bought during my trip *and* the comics I bought right before leaving.

That's... quite a lot.

Think I'll just divide it up into two posts. Here's the Marvel Stuff:

Ultimate Nightmare #1: Read more...Collapse )

Uncanny X-men #447:Read more...Collapse )

Ultimate X-men #50:Read more...Collapse )

Mystique #17:Read more...Collapse )

Rogue #2:Read more...Collapse )

Emma Frost #14: Read more...Collapse )

Ultimate Fantastic Four #9:Read more...Collapse )

*wipes forehead* And that's a rap, at least for the Marvel books. Man, I really do read too many comics...

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

So. I finally, *finally* updated But Then You Showed Up (and man, am I allowed to change the name when it's halfway finished? Because I really, really loathe that title), after, like, a months-long hiatus.

Some background: It's X-men movieverse, taking place before X2, and I'm calling it AU to be safe, seeing as I changed quite a lot. Basically, it's me having fun introducing Gambit into the movieverse, and focuses mostly on Rogue, Gambit, Logan and Ororo.

Chapter 8.

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

Comics! Hoo-rah.

Bought a ton of back issues the other day (well... a ton for me) from my new local comic book store.

Firstly, the Sabretooth and Mystique LS. Yay! Psychotic supervillains and canon femslash!Collapse )

Next, a couple issues of the Xcalibre miniseries, from AoA. More Mystique. Yum.Collapse )

I *finally* got a hold of some Gambit backissues. They had almost the entire run, but I limited myself to 1, 2 and 15 ('cuz it had Rogue on the cover). Dammit, *why* did they cancel this?Collapse )

And? I *finally* figured out bit torrents. *dances* I downloaded the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell miniseries and the entire Impulse run (which I haven't finished yet, but Impulse! yay!). Arkham AsylumCollapse )

Also bought Birds of Prey #69 and Uncanny X-men #... well, whatever the latest one is. And I don't have much to say about either one, except that Uncanny is still palatable enough, and I'm getting really tired of cult villains.

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

It's a beautiful Saturday night, perfect for carefree teenagery fun things.

So what am I doing?

Sitting in the office, wrestling with the new Windows laptop, attempting to get the cocksucking bit torrent programs to work.

*rips out hair*

God. GOD. Windows terrifies me SO MUCH. What the hell am I *doing,* signing myself up to use one for the next year?!

*remembers the horrible, traumatizing 'memory loss' and hard drive debacles on the iMac*

Oh, right.

I think I have it down, actually. I mean, I have an Impulse torrent downloading, albeit slowly; good sign, right.

*crosses fingers* Pleaseworkpleaseworkpleasework...

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

GIP! This is my new default, which I stumbled across in karabou's journal. I'm totally kicking myself for not checking out her Dark Tower icons before, because holy damn are they pretty!

Changed my LJ layout completely, and changed my icons around. Go look!

Now that I've changed around my icons, I'm doing that icon meme.

Of my icons, which:

1. is your most fave and why?
2. is your least fave and why?
3. have you always wanted context for?
4. have you never noticed I even HAD before? (Of course, I *did* just get a buncha new ones...)

Christ, my family is driving me nuts.

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I have tactile telecuntnesis. [userpic]

Why, no. I'm not, actually, going to stop spamming you guys. Sorry.

But, but! This is one of those 'real' entry thingums. Seriously!


Had 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls stuck in my head all day today.

Made things interesting.


Worked rocked out with the cock out today. I made waaaay over the quota and got two 60.00 checks.

Whee! This week's paycheck is actually gonna be, you know, a *paycheck* instead of a number that makes my soul sob.


Hung out with Maia yesterday, and she ended up spending the night. I always forget how much I just *love* hanging out with my friends individually, you know? Especially Maia.

We realized this morning that we've known each other for *ten years.*

(And oh, shut up, you old timers that are laughing at me. Let me have my moment! ;))

We were gonna watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 (I finally *finally* saw the first one last week) at the theaters, but alas we both forgot our I.D.s, and apparently they couldn't sell us tickets without them. *facepalm* We ended up just buying Ben & Jerry's and renting Benny & Joon and The Birdcage.

*sigh* Aidan Quinn. Johnny Depp. Oliver Platt. Doesn't get much better, does it.

And lordy, I don't think I'll *ever* stop laughing at The Birdcage. Hank Azarias in a thong, dancing to Gloria Esteban, man.

Then this morning we had breakfast at The Tea Grotto, a new tea café in Sugarhouse.

I just think that a place that sells only tea is cool by definition. We got an impromptu lesson on tea by the really nice lady who worked there, ate yummy sandwiches and I had the most delicious chai. They offer tea tasting lessons, and I'm thinking of signing up for one.


So, someone shoot me please.

I'm supposed to be trying to get not-addicted to the internet, right?

Well, I just signed up for a femmeslash ficathon and a Young Justice rpg, and am seriously contemplating applying for Madelyne Pryor for theatrical_muse.

.... *facepalm*

Oh, and I'm also giving serious thought to learning basic web design so I can get my own personal archive running and possibly--possibly--an archive for Ultimate X-men fic up. (Or possibly the whole Ultimateverse.) Yeah, being an archivist is probably reeeallly hard, but... I want an Ultimateverse fic archive, dammit. And I doubt anyone *else* will make one.

Besides, there's nothing Dear Old Dad would love more than to teach me web design.


And, lastly? Someone IM me. Handle is zeeleepenguin.

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